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Here at Paramania, we strive to produce fun wings, which are a pleasure to fly whatever level of pilot you are. We are a team of passionate paramotorists who love the simplicity and beauty of the sport.

Some wing manufacturers, who without understanding the full relationship between wing and motor, are converting free flying wings into paramotoring wings. It was the same for hangliders; in the beginning people were using normal free flying, non-reinforced hangliders for power. Then along came specifically designed wings that took the sport into new highs.

Paramania challenges the boundaries of practical design, and produces just such wings. Our products are renowned for their extreme stability, giving pilots confidence yet retaining the dynamic feeling which makes paramotoring so enjoyable.

在这里 Paramania我们努力生产有趣味的机翼,这种机翼不管任何级别飞行员都能感受到乐趣我们一个喜欢简单激情动力伞运动员 运动美的团队

一些机厂家,在不完全理解汽车全面关系的情况下,把自由航行的记忆转换成动力伞机翼。对hangliders来说也是一样的 开始人们使用正常自由飞翔的机翼,没有加固的 hangliders 电源然后接下来专门设计的机翼项运动历史

Paramania 挑战实际设计的边缘,并且只生产机翼我们产品以它极端稳定,是飞行员保持动感有自信使动力伞运动很享受的感觉闻名

"The natural born slalom wing"

Full reflex, anytime speedbar for experienced intermediate & advanced pilots!

There is a strong desire for more speed and agility with a healthy safety margin; for pilots who like freestyle flight or who want to get into pylon racing and do shows, this is what the GTR was created for and this is what it does!

GTR stands for Grand Tourismo Race.

The GTR is in a class of it’s own, totally different from others. It’s specifically designed profile and steering system puts this wing on a tip with ease at the same time automatically self centers.

Utilizing Mike Campbell-Jones long running experience in soft wing development Paramania have taken wing design to a whole new level.

With a relatively low aspect ratio, the large wingtip area adds new meaning to roll rate. Once banked in a turn and and with intuitive use of both brakes; direction and turn radius are can be sharp, snappy and fun!

In the hands of experienced pilots this is the perfect wing for slalom, the wing specializes in precision and speed with 100% reflex ability to cut through low level turbulence yet is still simple and easy to use.

Fly high and let the trim out to full Reflex with speed bar for maximum speed in a straight-line. Depending on wing load and thrust the GTR can be very fast.

This wing comes standard with micro lines on the upper cascades, new WTS steering system, a modified version of Composite Leading Edge (CLE). 
The risers have a fast trim mechanism that can slow the wing in an instant and thespeedbar can be used in all trim positions with impunity. This is known as the PK system.


完全反射,对于经验丰富中间 & 高级飞行员任何时候的加速条 

强烈渴望更多速度敏捷性健康安全保证金 飞行员喜欢自由式飞行或者进入赛车节目GTR 创立什么 

GTR 代表盛大 Tourismo 竞赛

GTR 自己完全不同其他人它是专门设计轮廓图转向系统这个轻松同一时间自动自我中心

利用迈克 Campbell-琼斯长时间运行翼却发展 Paramania 的经验已经机翼设计一个全新水平

具有相对较纵横翼尖区域添加内涵滚转一次存入反过来这两个刹车  凭直觉使用方向转弯半径可以夏普 时髦有趣 

经验丰富飞行员理想翅膀回转 机翼专业从事精密 100%反射能力尚未穿过水平湍流速度仍然简单容易使用

飞得修剪出租充分反射直线最大速度速度根据载荷推力 GTR 可以非常

上部叶栅 黄大仙转向系统 修改复合前缘 (CLE) 这个标配线
造反者快速修剪机制可以瞬间机翼可单击快捷工具栏可以所有修剪位置不受惩罚所谓的 PK 系统

PK system (no speedbar and slow trim)   |    PK system (full speedbar, fast trim)

More thrust and wing loading adds increased speed and agility to the GTR. (Contact your Paramania dealer for more information)

The GTR is the third addition to the Paramania Action family of wings. It’s predecessors the Action and the Action GT speak for themselves.

  • Full speedbar use with all trim setting
  • Minimal ballooning out of sharp turns
  • Easy to launch, quick take off in short distances. 
  • Enhanced roll or directional stability, both during launch and in flight.
  • Excellent handling, reactive yet forgiving over a full range of brake travel.
  • unmatched pitch positive Reflex wing stability.
  • Simple uncluttered risers and control systems.
  • The highest quality from Paramania design / Gin manufacturing.

Note- CLE means "composite leading edge" - the word 'composite' is used to describe combining different types of material to enhance their mechanical properties and to make a new material. 
Over the last few years in conjunction with Gin gliders, Paramania have developed this system. It is now incorporated into most of our range of gliders - CLE enhances the launching and performance by spring opening intakes and reducing weight.
 The FO system (TBA)

更多推力载荷 GTR 添加增加速度敏捷性有关详细信息联系的 Paramania 经销商

GTR 就第三个加入 Paramania 行动家庭翅膀它的行动行动 GT 自己说话前辈

简单整洁 riser 卡控制系统
 Paramania 设计质量 / 杜松子酒制造
注意-CLE 意味着"复合领先优势"— — 这个复合描述结合不同类型材料提高力学性能使材料
杜松子酒滑翔机结合Paramania 开发这个系统现在纳入我们滑翔机范围大部分-CLE 增强发射春天开放摄入量 减少重量表现系统 (TBA)


When you first take the GTR out of the bag and inflate it, the feeling you get is an advanced wing that inflates like the Revo2, simple! As you lay it out, the CLE supported leading edge present the cells to the air, ready to fly in an instant. Even in light or variable winds the wing comes up with minimum effort and waits for you to move forward!

When launching, it quickly lifts you clear of the ground with minimum effort. Once in the air it instantly awaits your next move ready for throttle to drive it through sharp turns! 

The risers and controls have taken a lot of development. They are easy to adjust and intuitive, making increased reaction time a main priority.

This is the Reflex wing of the future. It is forgiving enough that experienced pilots can make adjustments to suit their handling requirements much like a rally car driver would do the same to a standard vehicle.

Pulling the trimmers you notice they are split into three simple positions ‘Slow’, ‘Neutral’ and 'FAST’ good for a full speed range.

Feedback from the controls keeps the pilot well informed.

The GTR incorporates true Reflex Technology, 100% pitch positive reflex



第一次袋子的 GTR 充气感觉 Revo2简单膨胀先进 躺下出来CLE 支持目前领先优势空气准备飞翔瞬间细胞即使光线可变最小努力等待继续前进 


Riser 卡控件采取大量发展他们容易调整直观制作增加反应时间主要优先事项


注意到他们拆分三个简单修剪位置 '慢'、 '中立' '快速' 良好速度范围


GTR 采用真实反射技术100%球场积极反射


Pilot Type

Beginner alt0%
Occasional pilot alt10%
Exp. regular pilotalt50%
XC Distance pilot
Freestyle pilot

new styles possible 

Tech Details

GTR Size (m2)
18 - S
20 - M
22 - L
24 - L 
PPG Weight Range (inc. PG)
50 - 100
60 - 120
80 - 160
90 - 200
Trim Slow speed (km/h)              
Trim Fast speed (km/h) 51             
Max speed (km/h)*               
min = *  trim off = * to  Max Speedbar = *

DGAC Approved Certification

* Note - Performance figures vary substantially on pilot/motor weight and drag.
          - PPG weight range = DGAC Approved


         - GTR dramaticially changes chericteristics with weight, heavier equals more reactive but with higher power requirements (contact Paramania for advice)



Colour Scheme





Alternative colours  (custom colors made to order > 6 to 8 weeks delivery, additional cost applies)