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The APCO NRG is the "Bad Boy" in Apco's Paramotor wings family. Like your kid brother, it's small but with a lot of attitude. It is a specifically designed slalom racing wing that's also fun to just play around with. Speed and handling characterize this wing but it's real virtues are stability and safety in extreme maneuvers. We are proud of this wing and are sure you will be too..

APCO NRG 是APCO动力伞机翼家族中的"小淘气"。像你的小弟弟,它虽小但自身大量。它是专门设计的激流回旋赛车翼,就算只是玩玩也很有趣。速度和处理表征这个翼,但真正的用途极端演习中的稳定和安全。我们为这款机翼感到骄傲相信你会。。

You want the Speed !!!

SPEED - The NRG is designed for pylon racing or just for high speed fun flying. Equipped with the new "One Action Acceleration" (OAA) system, at a max speed of over 75 [Km/h], It will literally leave only it's smoke behind for other wings. Pushing on the speed bar you feel like sitting on top of a rocket accelerating away from the rest.

Agility a must !!!

AGILITY - while only thinking about turning you will realize you are already facing the other way. The NRG will turn on a dime and carve around the course with the precision of a a surgeon's knife precision.

You need Stability!!!

STABILITY - speed and agility mean nothing without stability to utilize them to fullest! NRG shares the same proven reflex profile as our Force and Lift. This auto pitch stable profile in conjunction with it's high wing loading and special design features produce explosive characteristics in speed and handling but without losing anything in rock solid stability of the wing. Tip steering insures maximum safety by maintaining the Reflex shape of the profile at all times even while turning.

You have to have it pilot friendly!!!

Inflation is like child's play. This small wing just jumps overhead and stops directly above you, floating effortlessly, waiting for you to pick up speed. (attributed to our "SRS" system) Take off speed is surprisingly slow for such a small wing. Flare is superbly efficient, converting the high speed eNRGy into a stand still.

Not forgetting Performance!!!

Performance was not forgotten on this unique wing. It comes standard with unsheathed Vectran and Kevlar competition lines - for optimized performance and maximum fuel economy.

It should be FUN!!!

The NRG is designed for pilots that are looking to up their fun factor. NRG will shoot fresh adrenaline into even the most experienced pilots and in capable hands it is a world class slalom competition wing, but also cross country pilots will enjoy the wing. Perfectly suited to cover great distances at amazing speed.



速度-NRG 是为了竞赛飞机或者只是为了高速飞行的乐趣而设计的。配备新的"一个行动加速器"(OAA) 系统,最大速度超过 75 [Km/h],字面上会在它的头后面的其他的翅膀留下痕迹。推动速度条你会感觉到好像坐在一个加速离开的火箭顶部上。


必要的敏捷性 !!!


灵活性-而只想着把你会意识到你已经面临着另一种方式。NRG 将打开一毫,像外科医生的刀精度一样准确地切在上面。


你需要求的稳定 !!!


稳定-如果没有稳定u充分利用他们,那么速度和敏捷性变得毫无意义!NRG 共享相同的证实的反射轮廓作为我们的动力和浮力。这个自动打拍相互协调的稳定的轮廓,用它高翼载荷和特殊设计功能产生爆炸的特性在速度和处理没有失去任何东西但机翼却仍然坚若磐石的稳定。提示转向由时刻甚至转弯时保持形状的反射剖面承保最大安全保障。





不要忘记性能 !!!




它应该有乐趣 !!!


NRG 为正在提升他们的乐趣的飞行员设计的元素。NRG 将新鲜肾上腺素射甚至是最有经验的飞行员和国家飞行员将世界类竞争翼激流回旋,却也交叉这样能干的人在享受机翼。非常适合以在远程惊人的速度覆盖。

  • OAA® - one action acceleration - Integrated trimmers and speed system for one action simultaneous operation more »
  • Vectran and Kevlar Competition lines combine for optimized performance.
  • 3 optional brake configuration for optimized personal comfort and efficiency.
  • Improved Tip steering system, for high speed Slalom flying.
  • Proven Reflex profile for maximum stability in extreme slalom racing conditions.
  • SRS® - APCO's exclusive Stall Recovery System for built-in passive safety more »
  • SRS® aided - for low speed take-off and landing more »
  • SRS® Built-in for perfect launch more »
  • HIT valve® equipped leading edge, APCO unique feature for improved stability more »
  • Flexon® battens system for ultimate durability - pioneered by APCO more »
  • High quality Pulleys - ball bearing rotating for easy and smooth speed bar operation
  • Replaceable trim webbing and camet buckle long-lasting trouble-free service more »
  • Great drag reduction - almost 100m. less lines - advanced 3 row bottom line construction
  • Minimal drag, embedded hook-in point for unprecedented drag reduction, APCO exclusive.
  • Advanced diagonal rib structure
  • Split A risers with built-in safe and wide speed range
  • Hybrid fabric construction.
  • Butt Holes
  • Swivels on brake handles
  • Integral, built-in, Neodymium brake magnets
  • Extremely easy inflation, launch and landing
  • Universal riser + accelerator and trimmers to fit any paramotor frame
  • Color design - astonishingly attractive
  • Under 4 [Kg] !

 OAA® - 一个加速动作-集成配件和一个同时动作操作的速度系统 更多»

 Vectran Kevlar竞争线结合用于优化性能。


 3 可选的制动配置优化个人舒适度和效率。




SRS ® APCO为更多的内置被动安全建造的独特失速回收系统 更多»
SRS ® 作为低速度起飞和着陆的辅助 更多»

SRS ® 内置完美发射 更多»


HIT valve® ® 阀门装备前缘,APCO为提高稳定性有独特的功能 更»

Flexon®® APCO系统耐久性首创的极限折射 更多»


可更换的修剪织带和持久耐用的薄子扣无故障的服务 更多»

接近减少拖拽100米,更少的线,先进3 排底线建设









通用 riser 卡 + 加速器和修剪机.以适应任何动力伞背带


在4 [Kg] 以下!